diepvries.driving_key_field module

Field for Driving Key.

class diepvries.driving_key_field.DrivingKeyField(parent_table_name, name, satellite_name)

Bases: object

A driving key.

A driving key is a field used in effectivity satellites to calculate the r_timestamp_end (PARTITION BY clause in DML) when the link unique key is defined by a subset of hashkeys.


Validate the driving key.


Representation of a DrivingKeyField object as a string.

This helps the tracking of logging events per entity.

Return type:



String representation for the DrivingKeyField object.

name: str

Column name in the database.

parent_table_name: str

Name of parent table in the database (always a Link).

satellite_name: str

Name of the satellite where this field represents a driving key.